Evolution of CasinoBonusesToday.com: CRO Case Study

CasinoBonusesToday.com recently turned 2 years old but the site was rebranded previously from grem.net which launched in 2010. So after 5 years the site has collected some data and there are quite a few points to take away from the site in terms of conversion rate optimization.

Design Comparison

The original grem.net design was a decent template on it’s own but for a generic online casino portal it wasn’t good enough when you compare with other portal designs over the years. There weren’t dedicated designed pages for the casino reviews or the slots reviews whereas casinobonusestoday.com the design was built around the USP where the domain and USP are the same thing.

grem.net Design


CasinoBonusesToday.com Design

online casinos

The CBT website was designed by HorseshoeAgency.com in early 2013 and launched on Oct 31st, 2013.

Domain & SEO

grem.net was previously just an expired domain and didn’t really have any meaning which is a complicated issue that some SEOs can argue about on the topic of branding versus keyword based domains. Google has been preaching branding for years while exact match domains (EMD) have started to slip over the years. So who has the right answer? Either you can build up your brand so strong that people know what the brand name is about, or you can have a domain that fully explains what your site is about. When seomoz switched to just MOZ it was a branding strategy they went with where most people in the industry know what MOZ is all about. A domain like casinobonusestoday.com has 3 keywords in it, although it might seem like an EMD and stuffed with keywords, the domain matches the site URL perfectly so if someone where to see any link with casinobonusestoday.com in it, they would at least have an idea of what site they were clicking on compared to grem.net.

At the end of the day, everything should be about the user experience so the domain choice was meant to inform the user what the site was about without them having to click on it to see for themselves.

Stats Comparison

The Google Analytics data says everything you need to know about the two designs to compare them. Keep in mind the stats comparisons are one thing, the financial data are another and are not provided other than to know the conversion rate of the new version of the site is substantially higher than grem.net.

Grem.net Data July 12, 2010 – Oct 31, 2013

Pages per session: 1.99
Average Session Duration: 1:58
Bounce Rate: 66.57%

CasinoBonusesToday.com Data Oct 31, 2013 – Nov 13, 2015

Pages per session: 3.20
Average Session Duration: 3:42
Bounce Rate: 54.32%

The next design

The next design is already underway with a lot of planned changes from the design perspective, to user experience all the way down to the programming language and database setup. After learning from the first major redesign, the next goal will be to improve on those numbers and make the site even better for users given the same content and data.

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