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Welcome to our new website. We are happy to launch and offer our services to the world. The main services offered are Search engine optimization and website design. Within these 2 services covers many other aspects of SEO, designs and creating a website.

With thousands of SEO or design agencies to choose from, what makes us stand out?

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We are experienced in making websites and follow the latest design trends and SEO updates. We integrate 3 core principles of a website and ensure they work together in harmony.  These principles are search engine optimization, user experience and user interface design, and conversion rate optimization.

SEO is more than just optimizing the on page elements and building links. A good SEO must look at all elements that influence rankings and 2 elements that do have an effect on your rankings are website design and conversion rate optimization. Of course another very important feature is also content and the value you provide to your users.  Is your content worth sharing, is it better than the competition, is there a better way you can present your content? Sometimes the best place to start when trying to get a website ranking higher is to focus on the conversion and design elements.

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User Experience and User Interface Design can be summarized as a smart website design.  Not all designers are good or familiar with designing user interfaces.  UI/UX requires more effort and planning before working on the creation of the pages. Everything should first start with the USP followed by creating personas, then a site map, followed by wireframes. What you end up with is a site that is user friendly and intuitive.  No more wasting traffic because your users couldn’t find what they want and couldn’t navigate your website.  Navigation is more than just creating a menu.

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Conversion Rate Optimization is something that every webmaster should be familiar with and understand. Usually it is the top webmasters that understand conversion very well and conversion can be improved in many ways whether on seo, video, copywriting, A/B split testing, and improving design elements to highlight the main call to action.

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